Andres Molina-Markham: I am a cybersecurity researcher employed by the MITRE Corporation

I lead research seeking to protect ML-enabled systems.

  • ML-enabled network defenses
  • Autonomous vehicles
Computer Scientist

Research Profile

With my contributions, I seek to solve critical problems that require pushing the boundaries of fundamental understanding about how to design secure computer systems. My love for mathematics, computer science, and engineering has led me to participate in projects focusing on both fundamental and practical aspects of security and privacy of computer systems.

In my career, I have been fortunate to collaborate with outstanding individuals from excellent institutions. From this experience, I have learned that many solutions to important problems require multidisciplinary teams formed of individuals with diverse backgrounds.

My primary research interest is to develop and evaluate defense approaches for real-world AI-enabled systems, including network defense and autonomous driving.

Previously, I have also contributed to projects in the following application domains: Assured Positioning, Navigation, and Timing; Cryptographic protocols; Privacy-preserving technologies; Identity and access mangement; Security and privacy issues of ubiquitous systems (mobile devices, medical devices, smart meters, computational RFIDs).

For more details about some of the research I have contributed to, please see my Scholar profile.

Andres Molina-Markham